Library/Information Resources Menu is an educational resources provider. For more than 30 years, Mackin has worked with over 18,000 publishers to provide library and classroom materials for grades PreK-12. has three main functions:

  • Provides information about the products and services offered by Mackin Educational Resources
  • Hosts your school’s online management system (OMS) where you can manage your school library account, funds, orders, etc.
  • It is the marketplace where you shop for your educational resources.

What is Mackin?          

How Do I Use Mackin?

How do I check my school’s Library Fund OMS (Online Management System) balance ?

How do I ‘Check-in’ or ‘Receive’ a Mackin order?

Mackin videos

Mackin Free Stuff! is the portal where you can access your schools digital resources.

MackinVIA – One Place to Access All Your Digital Resources

What is MackinVIA?     

MackinVIA videos  

What is a MackinVIA backpack and how do I use it?
How do I add/edit backpacks in MackinVIA?

Use this Excel Form to upload NAD student id’s to MackinVIA